A LaTeX preprocessor written in Python.


DLA (Diffusion-Limited Aggregation) process inside the browser. A DLA process starts with an initial particle in the center of a discrete 3D grid. Additional particles spawn at some distance from the center and random walk until they are right next to another particle. The structure grows in a crystal-like way and can be used to calculate the fractal dimension, which is done and displayed alongside the simulation in a graph.

The simulation is entirely written in fast JavaScript that uses Web Workers to run independant from the visualization. The WebGL output is powered by three.js and the chart is done with highcharts.

Programming font comparison

A webbased tool that compares about 50 different programming fonts. Every font is used with a range of font sizes, color themes, renderer and anti-alias settings. Amounts to ~1600 combinations

The screenshots are taken in the Sublime Text editor. The process to capture the screenshots is automated with an autohotkey script which itself reads commands from a python-generated file. Imagemagick is used to extract the relevant part from the screenshots. The website is built with React.js


A fast parallel C++ program for solving the 2D Ising Model. Implements Metropolis and Swendsen-Wang algorithms.


A website/app for spaced repetition learning. 100% clientside; UI done with React, data stored in local storage and sync over Dropbox.


A minimal html countdown timer. Written with React.

Github repo, website: s9w.github.io/timy